Golf In London And UK

Playing golf in London and the UK used to be a really big thing. In fact, in 2006, there were more than 4 million golfers in England. Now, the number is significantly lower – with only 2.7 million golfers left. The average membership in the various clubs in England went down by almost 200,000.

Does that mean the sport is losing its appeal? Not exactly.

About playing golf in London and the UK

Golf will always be a favourite sport among the English. But there are those who have not picked up on the sport because they do not understand it well. Some people, apparently, find it to be either too costly or time-consuming. After all, playing the complete 18 holes will take a lot of time. There are also those who think that golf is only for the rich and retired English chaps.

But playing golf in London is more than all these misconceptions. It is a great sport that people of all ages should enjoy. Both children and women can excel in this sport. There have been a lot of changes when it comes to golf as a sport in the UK. Golf clubs are trying to win more members by changing their image. The dress code is not different – more lenient and “fashionable” too. Not only that, there are more flexible memberships and the option to play fewer holes. All of these seem to have successfully dealt with the issues that people had about the sport.

Playing in London is not really hard to do because there are a lot of golf courses that are easily accessible. The most famous can be found in Surrey, the Wentworth Club. Of course, there is also The West Course that hosts the annual PGA Championship.

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